Cosmos Overtakes Cardano in Daily Development Activity on GitHub


On GitHub, there has been a rise in the number of Cosmos-related development commits.

Recent data indicates that projects in the Cosmos environment outperformed those in the Cardano ecosystem by a little margin. With 603 commits, Cosmos is presently second only to Ethereum, which has 806 commits.

GitHub activity reveals which projects are getting developer attention and are being developed with care. Given the weak market circumstances, Cosmos’ increasing hosting activity is a positive indicator.

The current bear market is a market for construction. This is the result of investments being made to identify prospective initiatives.

As for Cosmos, one of its DeFi protocols, Onomy, has just raised $10 million from notable industry participants, including Ava Labs, Bitfinex, CMS Holdings, and the Maker Foundation.

In contrast, Cardano has also shown resiliency in terms of GitHub activity. According to the data, 110 authors contributed 555 contributions to 64 GitHub repositories. Additions accounted for roughly 923k, while removals accounted for around 259k.

53 contributions were made to “cardano-js-sdk,” a JavaScript SDK for interfacing with Cardano that offers various significant management features and support for major hardware wallets. Marlowe-Cardano, a Plutus-based version of Marlowe for the Cardano blockchain has 53 commits, whereas the Cardano node had 31 commits.

In addition, the layer 2 scaling solution based on Cardano, Hydra, and the ouroboros network gained 28 and 25 contributions, respectively.

In addition, the cybersecurity team at Cosmos has just addressed a vulnerability discovered during an assessment conducted after the BSC hack.

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