Craig Wright Reuploads Bitcoin Whitepaper After Satoshi Nakamoto Falls


The Bitcoin whitepaper has been re-uploaded to BitcoinOrg by Cobra. In 2021, after Craig Wright’s lawsuit, the anonymous group removed the whitepaper.

Cobra, the anonymous group responsible for BitcoinOrg, has re-uploaded the Bitcoin whitepaper on its platform after Craig Wright failed to establish his identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of the flagship cryptocurrency, in court. One judge in the UK’s High Court found that Wright lied heavily, used technobabble, and isn’t as smart as he believes, leading to the March ruling that Wright is not Satoshi.

In 2021, after a court order, BitcoinOrg removed the PDF version of the Bitcoin whitepaper from their site. This was in response to Wright’s winning copyright infringement lawsuit against Cobra. Because they were afraid for their identities, the anonymous group skipped court in 2021, and Wright ended up winning the case. Cobra therefore had to reimburse Wright for his $41,000 in legal expenses, meaning that Wright’s success was automatic.

Hennadii Stepanov, the maintainer of BitcoinOrg, reposted the Bitcoin whitepaper PDF on X last Thursday, bringing it back to the site. Reversing Wright’s momentary win and facing a barrage of criticism from various factions within the Bitcoin community prompted Stepanov to take action.

Several companies put the Bitcoin report on their sites after BitcoinOrg took it down, which was a big change. Wright threatened to sue anybody who published the document, but the publishers still complained. Someone in the Bitcoin community provided a list of more than a hundred websites that had published the paper.

Three years after Wright’s triumph, the court finally put an end to an issue that had persisted for years: he couldn’t establish he was the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin. Because of this, Cobra has restored the original publication of the whitepaper for the innovative technology.

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