CTO of Ripple Schwartz said about artificial intelligence: “If you need real answers, don’t use it”


Ripple’s CTO and a key architect of the company’s decentralized solution has once again voiced his displeasure with the state of artificial intelligence.

AI sceptic David Schwartz is well-known in his field. He constantly warns others about the risks associated with today’s sophisticated instruments that are driven by artificial intelligence. Now he gave his thoughts on the commonplace use of AI in legal document preparation.

Virtual assistant driven by artificial intelligence Answers provided by ChatGPT and other comparable large language models (LLMs) powering generative AI programmes are not accurate, but they seem to be. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them when you need “serious” answers.

The legal professional strongly discouraged utilising ChatGPT or comparable tools for investigating legal matters. He further requested that forged legal materials not be used to “educate” LLM students.

Schwartz is particularly worried about the fake papers created by AI and how closely they resemble legitimate ones. A competent investigator may be unable to tell which is correct:

The goal of ChatGPT is to provide results that closely resemble those generally obtained for that kind of query. The question of whether or whether it is true, in the sense of correlating with things as they really are, is irrelevant.

During the early stages of the ChatGPT frenzy, Schwartz voiced worries about the potential risks of AI, as previously reported by U.Today.

He speculated that artificial intelligence (AI) might soon be able to create fake live videos of terrorist acts. While several low-cap cryptocurrencies saw incredible gains by riding the “AI narrative,” not everyone in the cryptocurrency industry is convinced by the hype.

Adam Cochran, a DeFi analyst and a partner at Cinneamhain Ventures, has confessed that he sees a “red flag” in the use of artificial intelligence in tech marketing plans for crypto in the year 2023.

“If my token ever makes a market-moving transition into the artificial intelligence sector, I will sell it immediately. Following the latest fads prevents them from creating something worthwhile.”

Artificial intelligence’s impact on blockchain and cryptocurrencies is often exaggerated. As we showed in our tutorial, ChatGPT’s replies are too nebulous and ambiguous for crypto research, but AI-generated texts may be useful for training in fundamental smart contracts coding abilities.

For instance, the XRP Ledger feature seems comprehensive and correct, yet it might be deceptive and does not contribute much to understanding this blockchain.

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