Dell has joined Hedera’s governing council


Dell is now a member of the Hedera governing council. The council is comprised of industry titans such as Google, FIS, Abrdn, and Nomura.

Dell will join Google, FIS, and Abrdn on the governing council of the corporate network Hedera, which utilises a hashgraph consensus method for its distributed ledger technology.

David Frattura, senior director of technology strategy at Dell, said, “Now you’re seeing an entire sector begin to expand, accompanied by significant investment.” And it becomes more important for us to pay attention and concentrate on this.

Dell will operate a consensus node as part of the governing council, which is used to establish transaction ordering. Members of the governing council also oversee the network’s software.

Additionally, Dell aims to exploit the Hedera network inside apps, although this is still in its beginnings. “Like Hedera, Dell is founded on innovation and scalability,” stated Bill Miller, co-chair of the membership committee for the Hedera Governing Council. Hedera Governing Council will benefit significantly from Dell’s expertise and years of experience in computers.

Frattura said that Hedera’s solution appealed to Dell since it was developed for a broad variety of use cases and was supported by a robust network of industry giants.

Compared to Algorand, Cardano, Ethereum, Tezos, and Polkadot, Hedera is the most sustainable proof-of-stake network, according to University College London researchers. The emphasis on ESG appeals to organizations like Dell that are interested in exploring how technology may be employed to assist businesses in achieving environmental and social objectives.

IBM has implemented the Hedera consensus mechanism into its Hyperledger Fabric offering, while digital workflow giant ServiceNow is incorporating Hedera’s consensus mechanism into its Now platform.

Frattura said, “The fact is that we see this as a technology-specific area of interest.” “It is not about becoming a cryptocurrency exchange; it is about how this technology solves difficulties for businesses. And how can we, as a business, harness it to better serve our customers, enhance our processes, and perhaps produce products?”

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