Deutsche Telekom of Germany has plans to join the ranks of Polygon validators


One of the major telecom providers in Europe is Deutsche Telekom, based in Germany.

Consulting and custom software development are two of Deutsche Telekom’s offerings. Polygon’s network is staked and validated by a group of around one hundred validators.

German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom plans to join the Polygon Network as a validator by using its existing investments in Web3. About a hundred validators provide validation and staking services for the Polygon network and the Polygon Supernets solution, which is an Ethereum scaling protocol.

German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom offers advisory and software development services while also validating many blockchain protocols to increase network security and test out potential new income sources. Deutsche Telekom is a validator for several other blockchains besides Polygon, including Celo, Q, Flow, Ethereum, and Chainlink.

Polygon has developed into a significant layer 2 component of the Ethereum ETH ecosystem, providing a variety of scaling solutions like side chains, data availability, and the zero-knowledge rollups whose holy-grail beta has just been released on the mainnet.

Polygon’s proof-of-stake sidechain and Sepernets chain will be more secure, decentralized, and governed by Deutsche Telekom MMS serving as a validator.

The business will commit checkpoints to the Ethereum mainnet, build blocks, verify transactions, and operate a complete node.

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