Doge will go with priority not Solana for small transactions: Dogecoin founder 


The Dogecoin developer shared his stance on the potential of the future internet world with the Dogecoin payment options.

Billy Markus is one of the two founders and developers of the Dogecoin Project. In 2013, Billy Markus and another developer modified a node of Bitcoin and created a new coin with the same concept but with an unlimited supply system. In 2013-14, Dogecoin grabbed huge attention and popularity in the industry but later Billy Markus left the project because of indirect criticism by other crypto projects for his small effort and high traction results. Billy is now back in the Dogecoin project as an advisory member in the non-profit organization Dogecoin foundation behind the Doge project. He remains active to push the businesses and people to adopt crypto like bitcoin and Dogecoin to get advantages over fiat-based currencies use case limitations. 

On 5 February, Billy tweeted that Dogecoin will fix the issues of high-level blockchain Networks’ high fees and will facilitate high-speed Transactions with low fees to make users able to facilitate small transactions easily. 

However this tweet of the Dogecoin developer was appreciated in the industry but still, there are many questions, which are not in favor of the Dogecoin blockchain Network to step with the current need of the world with crypto adoption. 

At the current program operations of the Dogecoin, the project is still 10 times better than other Proof-of-work Consensus-based blockchain networks to handle the Transactions traffic. But still, here the team behind this project is not doing any work on it to develop its ecosystem, no matter what the reason is but here use of Dogecoin is limited to Dogecoin Transactions and Dogecoin trading. 

Here the team and developers needed to work uniquely on Dogecoin, otherwise, Dogecoin will not easily step with the trend. 

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