Dogecoin Founder Speaks Out Against ‘Meme Coin’


Currently frustrated with the influx of “meme coin” spammers into his Twitter threads, Dogecoin (Doge) founder Billy Marcus exploded cryptocurrencies with a series of tweets.

“They were made by people trying to get rich from others who were trying to get rich,” said Billy Marcus, author of Dogecoin.

Marcus describes how the DOGE was created eight years ago, as a true reminder to enjoy “stupid coins”. However, now the author points out that meme coins are no longer memes. “They were made by people trying to get rich from others trying to get rich,” Marcus wrote.

Marcus further continued his fight by bringing in Binance smart chain tokens. In his opinion, these cryptocurrencies “have made the Internet worse in every way.” He said he did not care if people wanted to gamble, but that there should be no spam ads in his threads. Finally, he noted that these token ads “make the Internet more fun”.

More than a million of his Twitter followers saw the tweets and also followed and supported Marcus’ frustration. Twitter user Tuanskiii1 described the spam ads as misleading.

Although the DOGE creator made his points very clear, this did not prevent meme coin spammers from filling the thread with more meme coin ads.

Dogecoin began to rank among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in January 2021 through market capitalization. At the time of writing, the DOGE token traded at $0.11, maintaining its position as one of the top nine cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization despite a 17% decline during the day. As per Cointelegraph Markets Pro.

In a recent discussion on this meme coins, Doge was chosen by one of the Cointelegraph experts as the best return on investment in 2022, citing some prominent supporters Elon Musk and Mark Cuban.

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