Donald Trump Appearing More Positive Regarding Bitcoin


During a speech on CNBC, former US president Donald Trump further softened his stance on Bitcoin (BTC), describing it as a “additional form of payment.”

“A lot of people have been using it [bitcoin], so I’m not sure I would want to remove it now,” he continued. In 2021, Trump called bitcoin a “scam” that may replace the US dollar as the global reserve currency. His words now show a complete about-face in that position.

Even if he were to express a passing interest in Bitcoin, the Republican nominee for president in 2024 would still be a long way from being an extreme Bitcoin investor. He went on to say, “I require one currency; I would like the dollar; I don’t want people to leave the dollar.”

He then talked about how interested people were in some of his NFT offers. “I couldn’t believe the quantity of these items that were purchased with this new cryptocurrency,” he claimed. “People were going wild over these things [NFTs], and so many of them were purchased with this new cryptocurrency.”

According to Trump, the United States’ loss of the dollar as a standard would be “like losing a revolutionary battle.” Therefore, he “would not allow nations to get off the dollar.”

Trump has been consistently sharing screenshots of his bullish odds on the cryptocurrency prediction market, Polymarket.

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