Drake is displeased with his $500K Bitcoin wager following the Celtics’ 4–1 victory over the Mavericks


The rapper’s high-stakes sports wagers through Stake may lead to more substantial Bitcoin losses.

The renowned rapper Drake, who is renowned for his ostentatious lifestyle on Instagram, recently placed substantial Bitcoin wagers on the outcomes of the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals through his partnered wagering platform, Stake. Nevertheless, his $500,000 wager on the Dallas Mavericks capturing the NBA championship has been unsuccessful, and he may encounter a similar outcome with his NHL gamble on Tuesday.

Drake posted a screenshot on Instagram on June 6 that disclosed his $500,000 Bitcoin wager on the Dallas Mavericks. Had the Texas team emerged victorious, the compensation would have been $1.375 million. Drake captioned the Instagram post with the phrase “Dallas, because I’m a Texan.”

Regrettably for the rapper, the Boston Celtics secured their 18th NBA championship by defeating the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the 2024 NBA Finals, a record-breaking feat. The Celtics were the dominant team in both the regular season and the playoffs, sweeping 15 of their first 17 postseason games. Dallas avoided elimination with a historic 122-84 rout in Game 4, despite taking a 3-0 series lead.

Nevertheless, the Celtics clinched the championship with a 106-88 victory in Game 5 on their home court. This was propelled by a 9-0 run to conclude the first quarter and a 21-point lead at halftime. With this championship, the Celtics surpass the Lakers in terms of the number of titles they have won in NBA history.

Drake’s Bitcoin wallet could incur yet another loss following his infamous dispute with Pulitzer Prize-winning nemesis Kendrick Lamar, should his NHL wager on the Edmonton Oilers also fail. In the same Instagram post, the Canadian rapper disclosed that he had placed an identical $500,000 wager on the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup Finals. He is eligible to receive $1.025 million if his prediction is accurate. Drake wrote, “Oilers are self-explanatory.”

It is possible that the lyric foreshadowed Drake’s wager on the NBA Finals, and it supports the rapper’s frequent high-flying lifestyle with this level of expenditure.

Drake is unlikely to be in financial difficulty, as he is an official partner of Stake and one of the most prominent musicians in the world. Nevertheless, the emotional impact of losing $500,000 in Bitcoin, or conceivably $1 million if both wagers are unsuccessful, is certain to be significant, regardless of one’s financial status.

Drake will ascertain the outcome of his NHL wager in the days ahead as the Stanley Cup Finals proceed. The rapper’s high-stakes Bitcoin wagers have undoubtedly garnered attention, underscoring the expanding intersection between crypto, sports wagering, and celebrity culture, irrespective of the outcome.

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