Due to the Financial Crisis, Cardano’s Creator Rebukes EU Senator for Relating Cryptocurrency to Drugs


Charles Hoskinson, a millionaire, and mathematician who founded the Cardano blockchain commented on central banks and politicians blaming crypto for the failure of large U.S. banks.

He asked the crypto community not to fall for this and to maintain a list of anti-crypto politicians, so that when the time comes to vote, only crypto-friendly candidates may be chosen. Hoskinson advocated that every user “vote on a single crypto problem.” “Central banks and politicians caused this banking crisis, which they are now blaming on cryptocurrencies. Don’t be fooled, and have a list to refer to at the voting box on election day. Vote on a single crypto problem.”

Hoskinson reacted to a CoinDesk piece about Johan Van Overtveldt of the right-wing ECR group in the European Parliament comparing cryptocurrency to illegal substances. This individual is also the previous Belgian minister of finance.

In light of the newly initiated U.S. financial crisis, he made this parallel between drugs and cryptocurrency. He proposed that crypto should be strictly prohibited. Three significant banks have declared bankruptcy in the United States: Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank. Also, they have all collaborated with crypto firms.

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