EIA Agrees to Remove Previous Bitcoin Mining Survey Results and Conceives a New Study


Documents submitted on Friday revealed that the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) had consented to delete any data gathered in connection with their urgent Bitcoin mining study.

The government has also promised to delete any further data it gets. The document stated that “EIA will keep secret and securely store any information it acquires or will receive in answer to the EIA-862 Emergency Survey until it is burned.”

The US energy authorities were unable to gather the data throughout the case, but that all changed when the deal with the Texas Blockchain Council essentially ended the temporary restraining order that had been in force until March 8.

Additionally, in order to replace the prior notice, the EIA will now begin a 60-day period for public comment before issuing a new notice proposing the collection of information. In response to the notification, the agency promised to examine all submissions.

Riot Platforms, a cryptocurrency miner, and the Texas Blockchain Council (TBC) filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in February, claiming that the EPA’s newly-enacted required survey violates the law by collecting data from the business.

The council characterized the move as part of a broader plan by Senator Elizabeth Warren and the Biden administration, asserting that they had taken a holistic approach, including all branches of government, to crack down on the digital asset sector.

Although it was supposedly an emergency measure, TBC characterized it as an assault on private companies.

Up to March 1, 2024, the EIA will pay $2,199.45 to the Texas Blockchain Council for legal expenses and charges. The council has decided not to pursue any more remedies, and the parties involved will request that the court conclude and postpone the matter.

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