El Salvadoran students acquire Bitcoin transfer skills in the classroom


Bitcoin fans in El Salvador have lately begun teaching 12-year-olds how to transfer satoshi or fractions of a Bitcoin.

To be more precise, almost 25,000 kids in the Central American nation have been exposed to Bitcoin in a formal educational setting.

Roman Martnez, the Bitcoin Beach community’s leader, has expressed his view that teaching Bitcoin, money, and economics from a young age is crucial.

In particular, he dedicates his teaching to disadvantaged children because he thinks it will give them a better chance at a better future.

Martnez detailed the after-school events at Bitcoin Beach geared at teaching kids about Bitcoin. Keep in mind that the smallest unit of Bitcoin is called a “satoshi” (or “sat”) and that 10,000,000 satoshis equal 1 BTC:

“Every week on Friday, we go to local schools to educate students about Bitcoin by having meaningful conversations about money and aspirations, demonstrating how to create a Bitcoin wallet, and providing assistance in acquiring one’s first satoshi.”

Martnez also mentioned how enthusiastically students have adopted the technology, despite many having the notion that Bitcoin is difficult to master or is just for people studying economics. In other words, “once they are willing to learn, the process is surprisingly smooth.”

He gave an example of the ways in which Bitcoin Beach strives to fill a need in the educational experience by teaching students about Bitcoin, money, and the banking system.

“We don’t get any meaningful education on financial matters. Everyone engages in financial transactions, works to earn money, and saves money, yet few get instruction in these areas. Personal and household financial literacy is a prerequisite for social transformation.”

Martinez thinks Bitcoin is “the pinnacle of the evolution of currency,” and he thinks that educating young people about the advantages of Bitcoin, along with other important skills, would encourage them to look for better employment opportunities.

They can work for anybody, anywhere in the globe, provided they have the necessary language, computer, Bitcoin, and marketing abilities. Everyone may now take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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