El Salvador’s policy of purchasing “one bitcoin every day” is evident to the globe


Notable among El Salvador’s most recent headlines is the launch of a website that allows anybody to monitor the country’s Bitcoin treasury.

Using a unique mempool, El Salvador’s new web platform made its BTC investment data publicly available yesterday.

Anyone may basically keep tabs on El Salvador’s Bitcoin Treasury using the website. So, whereas El Salvador’s total capital was 5,748.76 BTC yesterday, it is now 5,749.76 BTC today, according to the website. As a result, the nation bought Bitcoin every day and confirmed it on its platform.

In addition, Nayib Bukele informed his 6.1 million followers on his X page. “El Salvador purchased an additional bitcoin today. “Until Bitcoin becomes inaccessible with fiat currencies,” President Bukele said, adding that they would purchase one bitcoin every day.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether and CTO of Bitfinex, offered another innovation for the nation that legalized Bitcoin in 2014.

“It will be tomorrow before El Salvador’s Bitcoin Economy reaches its next stage of development. The elimination of middlemen in traditional finance and the expansion of access to capital and investment opportunities for everybody.”

Tomorrow signifies the start of a new era for cryptocurrency-based capital markets. BFXSecurities will broadcast El Salvador’s first capital raise on Liquid Bitcoin.

In essence, new tokens powered by Liquid Network, the Bitcoin sidechain, will soon be offered on Bitfinex Securities, a government firm of the iFinex group, marking El Salvador’s first capital raising.

Raising funds to construct a massive hotel complex close to the South American country’s international airport requires new debt tokens in the “Volcano Bond” type, which are the subject of the project.

Located on five stories, this building has 4,484 square meters and is known as the Hampton by Hilton. With a minimum investment of $1,000 and a 5-year maturity and a premium of 10%, the new debt token HILSV plans to generate $6.25 million.

Building the hotel with HILSV funding would hopefully bring in a lot of visitors to El Salvador and provide employment for about 6,000 people. There will be fewer obstacles to microcredit since the HILSV formula makes it possible for small investors to participate.

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