Ethereum ‘Merge’ drawing closer with last Kiln testnet deployment


The Kiln testnet is the last phase of public testing before to Ethereum’s long-awaited ‘Merge’ and the conclusion of proof-of-work consensus.

The much-anticipated ‘Merge’ on the Ethereum network is another step closer to being a reality after the last public testnet Kiln created to put it through its paces.

On March 14, the Ethereum Foundation advised network stakeholders to perform tests using Kiln “to enable a seamless transition on current public testnets.”

“We highly urge that developers go through a complete testing & deployment cycle on Kiln and report any problems with tools or dependencies to those projects’ maintainers.”

Ethereum engineer Tim Beiko announced that Kiln has gone online and will soon be ready to combine with the Beacon Chain in a March 14 tweet. The testnet debuted late last week in proof-of-work mode exclusively.

Kiln is currently working in a proof-of-work (PoW) testing environment for Ethereum developers, node operators, and stakers. It is the last public testnet before the full network changes to proof-of-stake from PoW later this year. Kiln will thoroughly test the merging anytime this week.

Beiko told Cointelgraph today that deploying Kiln “a week or two from launch to merging was absolutely the aim.” He added Ethereum developers intended to “offer the community the option to test their goods via the merging.”

Kiln was initially created as a PoW testnet that emulated the Ethereum network’s operating environment. It operated concurrently to the Beacon Chain, the first significant PoS component of Ethereum 2.0 (now termed the consensus layer) where ETH holders may stake their coins and begin safeguarding the future of the Ethereum network.

Ethereum’s (ETH) mainnet shift from PoW to PoS will be a critical milestone in the network’s growth. This next phase of Ethereum will enable the blockchain’s security to depend on staked tokens rather than pricey and power-hungry mining gear.

The network’s transition event from PoW to PoS will dock the Beacon Chain with the Ethereum mainnet. The Merge might occur as soon as this June according to a study by crypto financial weekly Bankless while it was set as Q1, 2022 on the official timeline.

The 10 million ETH invested in the Beacon Chain is presently yielding roughly 4.8 percent per year in yield for investors. After the Merge, that yield may climb to as high as 15 percent and network running expenses will be lowered to a fraction of its PoW predecessor said Bankless.

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