EthereumPoW has not modified the Geth derivative code on GitHub since its inception


Since its introduction in September 2022, EthereumPoW has not made any software modifications to enhance the Geth client on its GitHub.

Although a lack of code updates does not necessarily indicate a problem, it may indicate that the EthereumPoW team is not attempting to improve the network’s primary client software.

EthereumPoW, a fork of Ethereum that preserved the original energy-intensive proof-of-work consensus mechanism, does not appear to have made any modifications to its fork of the Go Ethereum client — commonly known as Geth — since launching alongside The Merge in September.

EthereumPoW identifies itself as “the original PoW-based Ethereum network” that opted to retain proof-of-work consensus when the Ethereum Foundation switched the principal blockchain to a more environmentally favorable proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. However, EthereumPoW’s Geth code on GitHub displays no commits in over seven months. A commit is the software development term for how a code update is confirmed and implemented.

ETC Cooperative is the primary contributor to the 2016 Ethereum conflict that resulted in the establishment of Ethereum Classic, and it competes with EthereumPoW.

Currently, one EthereumPoW coin trades for less than $3. The price of Ethereum’s native coin exceeds $1,900 per coin.

Although a lack of GitHub commits does not necessarily indicate a problem, it may indicate that the EthereumPoW team is encountering difficulties or is not attempting to improve the Geth code.

In September 2022, the group encountered complications when attempting to generate a new chain ID for their divided chain. Due to the lack of a new chain ID, the Coinbase protocol team began submitting pull requests to the EthereumPoW repository in an effort to resolve the issue.

The EthereumPoW team did not respond to a request for comment promptly. The development occurs as the primary Geth client team is removing support for all proof-of-work chains, which will make it more difficult for derived chains such as EthereumPoW to implement open-source updates to their client.

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