Fandomdao and Billboard Honors support hearing loss charity


Fandomdao, the web3 social platform committed to worldwide fandoms, has announced its collaboration with the Billboard Music Awards to present its second Impactful Donation Challenge.

Drawing inspiration from its past endeavors, including the Squid Game Season 2 donation challenge, Fandomdao resolved to participate in community empowerment and kindness.

The second challenge, which revolves around the 2024 Billboard Music Awards, combines audience engagement with social contributions, providing users with the opportunity to inspire deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals around the globe through music.

The Fandomdao challenge solicits fan participation in voting via website registration. Through their support of the Hear the World Foundation’s mission to aid hearing-impaired children worldwide, participants actively promote the automated accumulation of donations in accordance with the final voter turnout by endorsing their preferred candidate for the 2024 Billboard Music Awards.

The official X account reports that the ‘Fandomdao Challenge 2’ will persist until March 18 at 5:00 am UTC, which coincides with the service’s official debut on February 20.

In addition to the American Music Awards and the Grammy Awards, the Billboard Music Awards are the preeminent mainstream music awards ceremony in the United States.

Country superstar Morgan Wallen won the top distinctions at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards with eleven, closely followed by pop icon Taylor Swift with ten, demonstrating her enduring global influence.

Amidst global anticipation regarding the musician who will receive the most accolades in 2024, the public has been invited to vote on the nominations of 56 international artists. Among these are Drake, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Morgan Wallen, 21 Savage, and Olivia Rodrigo.

Fandomdao is a social media platform that enables users to exercise control over their personal information and generate income via social interactions. It functions as a hub where international fandoms and artists converge.

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