Fireblocks adds to its C-suite after letting some people go


Meanwhile, a new OTC trading head has been appointed to

Following the recent appointments of Michael Levine as CFO and Maden Gadde as COO, Fireblocks has selected Michael Ferguson to serve as chief marketing officer.

Ferguson was the head of worldwide demand for cybersecurity platform Sync before. Upon joining Fireblocks as chief marketing officer, her new responsibility will be to spearhead the retail and institutional adoption of counterparty-risk-free infrastructure.

It is a “pivotal moment” to be joining the Fireblocks team, Ferguson said in a news statement that Blockworks reviewed.

“The platform’s adaptability and dedication to meeting the increasing demands of digital assets’ expanding client base have allowed it to make huge leaps across payments, tokenization, and on-chain development,” Ferguson observed.

Not long after Fireblocks laid off three percent of its employees, the company made these further executive appointments. It attempted to reorganize its customer service operations and go-to-market strategy early this year.

Over-the-counter trading now has Ryan Fennelly at the top on Financial markets and interest rate trading were Fennelly’s primary areas of expertise throughout her time as a quantitative trader. He was formerly in charge of the over-the-counter EMEA desk at Kraken, a centralized exchange.

While at Kraken, Fennelly will be in charge of the over-the-counter service and finding ways to make trading easier for customers.

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