Forcefi Elevates Ecosystem Inclusivity with L2 Partnerships, Now Live on Mainnet


Manchester, United Kingdom, March 21st, 2024, Chainwire

ForceFi is taking great steps in the world of Web3, recently announcing a series of partnerships with several Layer-2 solutions such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Scroll, and Linea. Also, Forcefi is working towards extending its support to a total of nine chains in the coming future.

One of the main USPs of Forfi is the token allocation for those onboarding, free of charge. Forcefi recently has also successfully launched its mainnet. They have been recently selected for Consensys Scale startup program as well. Also, their audit is going to be available soon, showing their commitment to providing transparent dealings user experience.

Some Key Features of Forcefi:

  • Support: Forcefi sets its initial focus on Arbitrum, Optimism, Scroll and Linea for improvements. The plan also encompasses extending support to a total of nine chains.
  • Startup Programs: Forcefi bridges the gap between startup programs and projects, facilitating direct access to communication with teams. To ensure the comprehensive growth of startups, Forcefi provides educational materials as support tools.
  • Growth Incentives: There’s a hint about the potential token allocation that new projects joining for free could receive in the future as an impetus to their growth.

Partnership with L2s

Forcefi has been collaborating with a lot of prominent names from the ecosystem, expanding interoperability and democratizing access across many blockchains.

Forcefi launched this project with the goal of enhancing the functioning of the initial four chains: Arbitrum, Optimism, Scroll, and Linea with future goals to simplify operations inside these particular chains as a first step toward expanding, with plans of including nine different chains overall.

“Setting the benchmark for next-gen blockchain solutions is our vision. Our product showcases this vision. We’re expanding across chains and empowering startups in the space.” said Mikhail Skoblov, founder and CEO of Forcefi.

Inclusive Startup Programs

Forcefi is dedicated to supporting the expansion of different protocols within the ground-breaking Web3 environment. Forcefi has created a comprehensive suite of startup programs because it understands the importance that new ideas and views bring to the digital landscape. 

These programs are available through direct team communication and are designed to give projects access to vital industry insights, thus highlighting accessibility that is consistent with improving blockchain technology via inclusivity.

Source: Forcefi Docs

Potential participants in Forcefi’s growing ecosystem are offered an exciting deal: obtain free access now, and there may be opportunities for token distribution in the future.

This proposal highlights the belief in mutually beneficial relationships and offers an incentive that may help ventures grow over time by supporting them in their early phases and helping them expand as they become more established within the blockchain ecosystem.

Major Milestones

  • Forcefi went mainnet, marking an incredible milestone. This development demonstrates Forcefi’s technological prowess and its dedication to providing the world’s population with safe and effective Web3 solutions. 
  • Acceptance into the esteemed Consensys Scale Startup Program further strengthens the standing within the blockchain community. 
  • They are in the process of preparing for their imminent audit which will provide enhanced assurance to the stakeholders and the users of Forcefi.

Platform Earnings

At the starting stage, the treasury contains the funds raised during the private/public sale. While launching, part of the platform earnings will be deposited in the treasury:

  • Project registration fee (100%)
  • Exercised options from Project Incentives Pool (100%)
  • Continuative FORC sale (100%)
  • Other Forcefi proceeds, resulting from external partners, e.g. Marketing, legal assistance, etc. (100%)
  • Fundraise fee (5%)

Source: Forcefi Docs

How is the treasury fund used?

These funds will be used to pay for periodically occurring expenses and as a reward for the best curator based on performance. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be placed into a particular founders’ fund, from which periodic token buybacks will be financed. The staking pool will then get a new distribution of those tokens.


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