Head Developer of ENS Advocates for Unstoppable Domains To Maintain the ‘Open’ field for Web3 Naming


Unstoppable Domains is being accused by Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer Nick Johnson of limiting the Web3 domain business.

Unstoppable Domains has been criticized by Nick Johnson, chief developer at Ethereum Name Service (ENS), for limiting commerce with the Web3 domain.

“We have refrained from seeking patents for our work because we are dedicated to these principles. In contrast, Unstoppable Domains has started doing so even though it says it favors open innovation,” he said.

Johnson highlights how ENS promotes a free-form environment for development on its network in a series of tweets on X (previously Twitter).

“Everything we’ve done is released under an open-source license, and our standards are out there for anyone to use.”

On the other hand, Johnson claims that Unstoppable Domains has begun the patent process for its own work.

The legal protections afforded by a patent ensure that no one else may legally copy, use, or sell the patented idea without the owner’s permission.

According to Johnson, ENS has no plans to file patent applications on works in the near future. He emphasized that ENS is still dedicated to promoting open innovation in web3.

“To improve the blockchain domain ecosystem, we want to provide extensible, long-lasting platforms that anybody may build atop.”

Fred Hsu, co-founder and CEO of D3, told BeInCrypto that the main thing is not to get patents for their own projects but for other people’s projects as well.

According to Johnson, it can’t be held really responsible because the claim was made in a press release. “Unstoppable Domains’ Web3 Domain Alliance is an industry association that UD is ‘pledging’ its first patent to in a later news release. Unfortunately, although we understand the motivation, press announcements do not have any binding legal effect.”

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