John Deaton Is Requested To Appear Before The State Of Maine For The First Crypto Policy 


John Deaton Has Been Asked To Testify At Maine’s First Crypto Policy Hearing Despite the volatile state of the market, the crypto industry has seen widespread usage. 

Recently, Senator Eric Brakey announced his intention to propose new legislation to legalize the use of digital currencies in Maine State banks. Tomorrow, April 4, there will be the bill’s first public event, and Brakey has asked specialists from the crypto business to address queries. John Deaton has been selected by the XRP community to advocate for the use of digital money in the banking sector. If the bill is approved, more people may employ digital tokens for a variety of transactions. 

More people may begin using digital coins for a wide variety of activities if the law passes. In Maine, digital money transfers would be legal under a measure introduced by Senator Eric Brakey. Brakey said on Twitter that the measure is in line with Wyoming law.

Caitlin Long, creator of Custodia Bank, and Tyler Lindholm, AFP Wyoming state director, are two digital pioneers who are in favor of the measure moving forward. The XRP community will be represented tomorrow at the first public meeting as an industry specialist.

Because of this, after much debate, the locals have decided that Attorney John Deaton is the best person to represent the measure before the Maine Legislature. On April 4 at 10:15 AM Eastern Time, the meeting will take place via the Zoom program.

Senator Brakey claims this is the first time cryptocurrency issues have been brought before the Maine Legislature. Fans of XRP backed the request, saying that Deaton is the most qualified witness on the measure.

Someone else brought up Deaton’s role in the current Ripple lawsuit. Senator Brakey sent a request to Deaton, asking if he could defend the cryptocurrency policy before the Maine State Depository Institutions for Digital Assets – LD 990, in response to the community’s attorney selection. 

Senator Brakey, in line with the community’s counsel selection, asked Deaton if he could represent the state in the case of Maine State Depository Institutions for Digital Assets – LD 990. Deaton thanked Senator Brakey for inviting him and for the community’s endorsement of him. At the time of writing, the CryptoLaw proprietor has not accepted the invitation. 

The creator of CryptoLaw has been invited to participate, but as of this writing, he has not accepted. Deaton is a crypto enthusiast who writes about Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology, per his Twitter profile.

Deaton’s skills came through again when he represented LBRY, an open-source content-sharing company, in a case against the SEC. The community looks to Deaton, a respected litigator with extensive business experience, to provide insightful testimony to the Maine Legislature.

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