Jupiter Is Introducing The Solana Meme Coin And Hosting An Airdrop


More wallets will get a Solana meme currency this week from Jupiter’s launchpad.

On January 31, about one million wallets will be eligible to receive Jupiter’s JUP token, which is the Solana decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator’s own coin. The creator of the aggregator claims that the airdrop for a meme currency will be even bigger than JUP, but the platform will test its launchpad with that coin first.

Ovols, a Solana protocol that combines “DeFi” with “NFTs,” will premiere their token on Jupiter’s launchpad this week. Even though Jupiter didn’t design the currency, its protocol will include it before trying to introduce JUP to the public via its technology.

Before the JUP airdrop, we knew that Jupiter was planning to assist with the launch of a meme currency, but we didn’t know much more. Neither the coin’s identity nor the individuals qualified for the drop were disclosed to us. We now know, however, that the airdrop will be significantly bigger than JUP’s.

The launchpad will be put through its paces in a lower-stakes, entertaining, but equally technically demanding test, as Jupiter creator Meow, who goes under a pseudonym, said on Twitter.

According to what Meow said, 1% of Ovols’ meme currency supply will go to Jupiter for the service, with 75% going to the soon-to-be JUP DAO, a community organization that will manage the Jupiter (JUP) token, and 25% going to Jupiter’s staff.

Even though Jupiter hasn’t officially announced it, the Ovols meme coin airdrop is very certainly going to happen within the next few days, given that this week is the declared aim. After the anticipated airdrop for JUP on January 31, Jupiter’s launchpad will reportedly take on other projects in February. This information comes from Meow.

Despite their notorious volatility—sharp price spikes or drops for no apparent reason—meme coins have seen a meteoric rise in Solana popularity in the last few weeks.

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