Justin Sun Amasses Billions of SHIB and creating Hope for a Rally


Community members are filled with excitement when Justin Sun switches 577B SHIB, allowing TRON to enter SHIB.

Justin Sun, inventor of the TRON blockchain and cryptocurrency tycoon, shocked the crypto world on December 18, 2023, at 03:40:35 PM +UTC, with the first-ever Shiba Inu (SHIB) transfer. The transaction took place when 499,998,244,942 SHIB tokens were transferred from Binance to Sun’s cryptocurrency wallet.

The TRON creator, who had already cashed out 70 billion SHIB tokens, executed two transactions on Ethereum PoS totaling $6 million sixteen hours later. Strangely, despite being associated with Ethereum, Mr. Sun’s wallet has never received Shiba Inu coins, despite being active for over three years.

The 577,000,000 SHIB tokens stored in the wallet are the fourth most valuable digital asset, with a value of $5.99,000,000, up 5.65% in the last day.

A number of other vocal members of the Shiba Inu community have voiced concerns that these SHIB tokens, valued at around $6 million, may be used to speed up the process of Shiba Inu cremation. Since the creators of Shibarium burned through an unprecedented 16 billion SHIB tokens in only two weeks, the SHIB burning process has been all the rage in the cryptocurrency community.

Justin Sun could use SHIB to bridge into Shibarium Layer 2, according to Vet Kusama, a SHIB Army member, instead of burning and collecting. As of this writing, Vet Kusama had not heard back from the crypto entrepreneur via Twitter, and Sun’s wallet still had not sent any money.

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