Kraken Allows Reddit Users to Trade in BRICK and MOON


Kraken has added the BRICK and MOON tokens to its list of tradable cryptocurrencies.

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange located in the United States, has announced that trading in Bricks (BRICK) and Moons (MOON) would soon begin on its platforms, including the spot and derivative markets.

Kraken said on Monday that the trading phase had begun, allowing users to deposit funds into their BRICK and MOON accounts. The study did caution, however, that deposits may only be made via the Arbitrum Nova network, and that any deposits made through any other network would be lost.

You may trade BRICK and MOON on the regular Kraken exchange app and the more advanced Kraken Pro, with separate settings for the spot and futures markets.

Both tokens may be purchased on the spot market against the US dollar and the euro. The minimum order size on BRICK is 50, and the minimum deposit is also 50. The asset decimal precision is two.

Order sizes range from one to two million base units, with a tick size of 0.00001 and a minimum of one. 400 MOON is the impact median and Class E is the margin class.

According to the company, trading through Kraken and Instant Buy will be possible if liquidity requirements are met.

Reddit’s MOON was released in May of 2020 as a part of its Community Points programme. To encourage participation in the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, MOON was created as an ERC-20 token with a rewards system. MOON token holders have the ability to vote in subreddit polls, access premium services, and tip other users.

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