Kraken Announces Recruitment Effort; Publishes Anti-Woke Manifesto


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With Coinbase, BlockFi, and all laying off employees, Kraken has restated its ambition to fill over 500 positions before the end of the year.

Cryptocurrency job-seekers may be pleased with the news, but not everyone is pleased with the announcement. As part of the recruiting effort, the corporation issued a corporate culture paper that argues against silicon valley’s diversity, equality, and inclusion requirements.

The anti-woke manifesto titled “Kraken Culture Explained” indicates that the company’s only purpose is to “accelerate the global adoption of bitcoin.”

Everything must serve this objective, which implies that political engagement outside of bitcoin promotion has no place within the company.

Inventing their own concept of diversity, Kraken states, “We reject the myopic notion that ‘diversity’ can be conveyed by a small list of evident physical characteristics.” Silicon Valley’s perspective on global variety is dangerously narrow, based on the commoditization of people, and a troubling reflection of fundamental ignorance. From a global perspective, variety is endless. We put a premium on opportunity equality regardless of background.”

Jesse Powell, the chief executive officer of the company, stated why he believed the paper was important. Powell said in a Wednesday Twitter thread, “We have employees from more than 70 nations, speaking more than 50 languages, building products for consumers in 190 countries.” “Different points of view will be expressed. That is a DIFFERENCE. It is not always simple. You must be resilient, modest, receptive, and very tolerant of divergent standards.”

According to Powell, around twenty of the organization’s 3,200 present employees disagree with the mission statement and are free to quit. According to Powell, these particular employees are unhappy about topics like pronouns, who can use the n-word, sex differences, and being “harmed” by “violent” remarks.

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