Lionel Messi’s Instagram Story Has Boosted the WATER Meme Coin Amid a Hack


The WATER meme coin’s value experienced a noticeable increase as a result of Lionel Messi’s Instagram entry.

Lionel Messi, an Argentine soccer player, has recently become a member of the list of personalities who have promoted meme coins on their social media platforms. Nevertheless, there are those who contend that the football legend’s Instagram account was compromised in order to advertise a Solana meme token known as WATER.

In the past few weeks, Metallica and the American rapper 50 Cent have both experienced breaches on their social media accounts, which have millions of followers. Nevertheless, they are not more numerous than Lionel Messi, who has a mere 504 million followers on Instagram.

On Monday, Lionel Messi shared a narrative that revolved around the iconic WATER meme coin. In his narrative, he also included the Instagram page of the meme coin. The Instagram story may be perplexing due to Messi’s customary advocacy for environmentally friendly initiatives.

The publication was not removed until July 9, and the footballer has not disclosed that the Instagram account has been compromised. Nevertheless, Messi’s supporters are of the opinion that hackers have seized control of his Instagram account.

According to certain sources, Messi’s proximity to Canada (an Argentine team) in the Copa América suggests that he may not be cognizant of the breach.

Although it is uncertain whether Messi’s Instagram account was compromised, numerous individuals are dismayed that the football legend advocated for a caricature coin. There is also speculation within the crypto community that the team responsible for the BEER meme coin has introduced WATER.

“Messi recently sponsored an Instagram post and promoted a meme with a $25 million market capitalization that was created by a nutritious Dubai fraud group to his 500 million Instagram followers.” Golden Deged expressed his frustration, “Damn, this individual used to be my GOAT.”

Additionally, there are additional cautionary tales associated with the WATER meme coin. According to the on-chain analysis platform Bubblemaps, 30% of WATER’s supply is under the control of insiders.

Nevertheless, the WATER meme coin experienced a significant increase in value from $0.0003188 to $0.001501 following Messi’s Instagram post.

As per GeckoTerminal’s data, the WATER meme coin has continued to increase by approximately 193%. Nevertheless, it has declined by approximately 41% from its peak on Monday.

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