Mainnet launch of L2 for the Manta Network propels ZK-enabled DApp creation


Manta Network, with the launch of its ZK-as-a-service platform, adds a new participant to the ecosystem of layer-2 blockchain solutions driven by ZK proofs.

With the release of its zero-knowledge proof layer-2 scaling network, Manta Network aims to attract developers interested in deploying decentralized apps by offering them reduced costs and greater throughput.

Manta Pacific is a modular L2 that employs ZK-proof technology to fuel DApps written specifically for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The platform provides developers with a software development kit and the ZK library, both of which are meant to be easily integrated with one another.

Manta Pacific is ZK-enabled to offer cheap gas prices and scalability, and it is Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) native so that programs launched on Ethereum can be deployed on Manta Pacific and vice versa. Users may also connect Ethereum to Manta in order to experiment with its programming language.

Competitors in the market such as Linea zkEVM by Consensys, Polygon zkEVM by Polychain, Starknet, Base by Coinbase, and zkSync Era provide Web3 developers with a variety of ZK-resistant L2 solution alternatives.

After the introduction of the mainnet, Manta Network key contributor Kenny Li told Cointelegraph that each of the ZK-rollup L2s aims to tackle a different major issue encountered by developers.

“We anticipate that in the not-too-distant future, the market will settle on a limited set of solutions that aim to simplify the process of creating and deploying ZK-enabled apps for developers.”

With the popularity of software-as-a-service models, Li said, the Web2 technology sector underwent a similar metamorphosis, adopting a plug-and-play strategy.

“This is very important when zero-knowledge is involved, because developers don’t have to worry about the infrastructure because the complexity of cryptography can be hidden.”

Since its testnet introduction in July 2023, the Manta Network key contributor claims 150,000 wallets and more than 3.5 million transactions have been created on the Manta Pacific platform.

In order to expand the Manta network and use cases and encourage acceptance in the Asian market, the company secured $25 million from investors in July 2023.

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