Major Tech Stores in Ukraine Now Accept Bitcoin


Techno zhak and Stylus, two of the major electronic merchants in Ukraine, have begun taking Bitcoin as payment.

According to a report by Bitcoin Magazine, quoting the local news source Obozrevatel, the two internet giants would accept BTC as payment for products and services. According to the rumour, the firm would use Whitepay, a payments service, as its intermediary between users and merchants. Whitepay is a subsidiary of the European-based cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT.

According to the article, clients will be able to spend Bitcoin for online and in-person purchases at more than 100 retail outlets across both tech businesses. Whitepay’s unique point-of-sale system, which offers retailers with a QR code to record the transaction, will be available to customers who pay in person. The QR code will indicate both the current exchange rate and the length of time required to execute the transaction on the network.

During the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian interest in Bitcoin increased, according to research. Earlier this year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a measure titled “On Virtual Currency” that establishes a legal framework for Bitcoin to function inside the country’s economy.

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