Maker of PikoZoo NFT teams up with Zombie Zoo Keeper


NFT artist Zombie Zoo Keeper, legendary at only nine, is joining up with Pikotaro, the Japanese singer-songwriter and originator of the worldwide smash Pen-Pineapple – Apple Pen (PPAP).

Zombie Zoo to PIKOTARO DESU, the new music video, will be posted on the Los Angeles-based Web 3.0 launchpad OP3N.

The video is directed by Wengie, a well-known YouTuber with over 13 million followers. In order to provide “PikoZoo” NFT holders early access to the whole music video, 1 thousand frames will be produced as limited-edition NFTs, each valued at 0.08ETH (US$240.09).

“I’ve always appreciated Zombie Zoo Keeper’s young imagination and found it really pleasant to see art that is both fun and creatively limitless. It’s really motivating to watch younger artists like Zombie Zoo Keeper achieve creative success on Web3, and I wish that everyone, regardless of age, has the freedom to create, share their works with the world, and be recognised in the process,” PIKOTARO said.

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with PIKOTARO on this endeavour. I’m delighted for more people to see my artwork, and I enjoyed experimenting with different styles of artwork for the song video,” Zombie Zoo Keeper said.

In Japan, the two symbols symbolising Web2 and Web3 have finally come together in this innovative initiative, ushering in a new age of entertainment, says OP3N.

Public sale of the NFT will begin at 12 p.m. Japan Standard Time (JST) on April 28 and will last for seven days.

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