McDonald’s Accepts Bitcoin in Lugano, Switzerland


Crypto fans released a video showing themselves ordering lunch at a McDonald’s kiosk. They then paid using a smartphone app and bitcoin.

In addition to the Bitcoin sign, the terminal now displays the Stablecoin Tether (USDT) logo. In March, municipal authorities of Lugano stated that Bitcoin, USDT, and the LVGA token will become “de facto” legal cash in the city.

During the Plan conference, Mayor Michele Voletti and CTO of Tether, Paolo Ardino, made the announcement. The decision is the result of a cooperative effort to make Lugano the “European Bitcoin Capital.”

Tether said that it will invest at least $107 million in a dedicated fund as part of its partnership to establish the blockchain hub. For this goal, the local government committed $3.21 million.

The funds are meant to promote the corporate integration of planning tools into everyday operations, in addition to sponsoring local blockchain startups.

In September 2021, McDonald’s locations in El Salvador started accepting Bitcoin as payment. After Bitcoin became legal money in the nation, this was a necessity for trade.

McDonald’s journey into Web3 is not limited to crypto payments. A famous fast-food restaurant establishment announced its intention to join the metaverse earlier this year. According to Josh Gerben, founder and trademark attorney at Gerben Intellectual Property, the corporation has submitted eleven trademark registrations for its virtual world.

Plans for a “virtual restaurant selling real and virtual items” are indicated by the applications filed on February 4th. McDonald’s would also seek to operate a “virtual restaurant for home delivery.” In addition, the restaurant will provide “downloadable media assets” such as artwork, audio files, films, and nfts.

In addition, McDonald’s would seek to include its McCafe coffee shop brand in its metaverse ambitions. The brand would include services such as “live and virtual internet concerts and other virtual events.”

In China, the restaurant chain previously launched an NFT titled “Kubik Big Mac Cube.” This was done in honour of the Chinese market’s 31-year existence. In addition to celebrating three decades in China, the NFT inaugurated a new headquarters in Shanghai.

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