McLaren Automotive Launches MSO LAB, Integrating Ethereum and Web3


It’s part of McLaren Automotive’s metaverse goal to launch MSO LAB, an in-house customised section of the company’s McLaren Special Operations (MSO).

At the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England, the headquarters of McLaren Automotive (previously known as McLaren Cars, which was formed in 1985) Produced in-house in dedicated manufacturing facilities are the company’s key goods, such as the $2 million McLaren Elva. July 2017 saw the acquisition of McLaren Automotive by McLaren Group.

For all of McLaren’s “first-phase NFT productions and an ongoing series of drops and compilations,” MSO LAB is “the creative umbrella.”

Supercar manufacturer MSO LAB will help it “explore the future of excellence in automotive and beyond via partnerships with brands, creatives, artists, technologists and innovators.”

The Genesis Collection, MSO LAB’s first non-fungible token (NFT) collection, will be issued in the next few weeks and will be minted on the Ethereum platform. “Unlock Category One membership to MSO LAB, enabling behind-the-scenes access, members’ exclusive airdrops, design drawings,” “exclusive prizes,” “early access to future NFT drops and more.” Members of the MSO LAB community, which includes McLaren customers, have “exclusive access to special utilities and perks,” according to the British corporation.

For the first time, McLaren NFTs will be available for purchase on the McLaren marketplace, sponsored by InfiniteWorld as McLaren Automotive’s recently launched metaverse partner.

McLaren Automotive’s new Chief Marketing Officer, Gareth Dunsmore, had this to say when he was introduced on March 15th, 2021:

To finally reveal the MSO LAB digital community, I am overjoyed. It is a new opportunity for customers and admirers in the Web3 world to connect with us. As McLaren Automotive’s in-house custom subsidiary, McLaren Special Operations, we’ll be working in the metaverse at MSO LAB, where we’ll cooperate and push the boundaries of possibility and design.

First Genesis Collection from MSO LAB drop is coming shortly, and it will contain one of the most renowned automobiles in our history. “

Here’s some information from the McLaren Automotive FAQ area if you’re curious how you may purchase one of their NFTs:

Invite-only access will be provided for our inaugural NFT Collection.” People who possess a McLaren Automotive vehicle and are on the McLaren Automotive email list will be granted instant access to Phase 1, with Phase 2 access available to a select few 48 hours later. The McLaren Automotive NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard. The user will be able to choose which wallet address the NFTs will be minted to at the moment of minting.

The invitees will get an email with a unique code and instructions on how to join the marketplace after they’ve signed up for the allowlist. Here, you may purchase McLaren Automotive NFTs when the Collection is available.

You may still participate in future public McLaren Automotive drops if you don’t get an invitation to the Genesis Collection mint.

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