Memeinator’s token presale is in the spotlight as DCG resolves Genesis Debt


Digital Currency Group (DCG) has settled Genesis’ debt. Creditors have received $1 billion from DCG, which includes the settlement of Genesis’s debt.

The complete settlement of Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) short-term debt, including that owing to its insolvent Genesis business, represents a major financial achievement.

Memeinator, which is hoping to cash in on the meme coin craze, is also causing quite a stir in the cryptocurrency community with its MMTR token presale.

Digital Currency Group paid out its short-term commitments, which comprised a whopping $700 million for Genesis and a hefty $1 billion for creditors. This strategic decision highlights DCG’s dedication to careful fiscal management and assures stability for the firm throughout the current bankruptcy procedures.

Genesis filed a lawsuit in September to collect a loan sum of more than $610 million, and the debt settlement is a result of that case. DCG’s will to meet its financial commitments is shown by its dedication to repaying its debt, as emphasized in a strategic agreement that was concluded in August.

Genesis is protected and may even profit from tax advantages under DCG’s tax-consolidated group, according to this arrangement. This safeguard could be crucial, enabling Genesis to deduct losses from future earnings and maybe keep the advantages on $700 million in net operating losses (NOLs).

Importantly, the federal bankruptcy court has authorized Genesis to repay the outstanding loan sum by April 1, after the $700 million installment.

Both DCG and Genesis are optimistic about the future, even if there are uncertainties after the crypto market meltdown.

On Twitter, DCG CEO Barry Silbert expressed his enthusiasm at the latest settlement, writing, “Excited about the industry’s next chapter and DCG’s leadership role in it.”

Memeinator is causing an uproar with its MMTR token presale, while DCG provides a lifeline to the insolvent Genesis by repaying a $700 million debt. The crypto project is attracting a lot of investors, and so far, the presale has generated an incredible $3,065,084, which is more than the $3,200,431 goal for Stage 11.

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