Mercedes will be exhibiting its NFT art gallery app at CES 2024


Mercedes-Benz has showcased a formidable variety of digital advancements at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, the most prominent among which is the novel virtual assistant MBUX.

The renowned German automaker has unveiled MBUX Collectibles, its first vehicle app showcasing NFTs on wheels, among other products.

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mercedes presented its digital advances, with the CLA Concept electric car serving as the centerpiece and including the new MBUX virtual assistant.

Improved naturalness, intuitiveness, and personalization of interactions are achieved via the use of powerful 3D visuals and generative artificial intelligence in MBUX. The MBUX virtual assistant leads the way to an exceptional digital experience, built on the new Mercedes-Benz operating system (MB.OS), which was created organically from the ground up.

Simultaneously, the German automaker is introducing even more convenience, comfort, and customization in the vehicle via, among other things, the ongoing growth of its app portfolio.

Included in this category is MBUX Collectibles, the first Mercedes-Benz app for automobiles, which gives owners the privilege of showcasing their art collections as NFTs from the comfort of their sophisticated “electric” vehicles.

Actually, CES 2024 is related to CES 2023 in that it will include the MBUX Collectibles app for automobiles. Indeed, the illustrious carmaker would have introduced a short film last year to announce Mercedes-Benz’s foray into the world of non-fungible token art and digital entertainment.

A new NFT character, Superdackel, a little dog, has been released with Superplastic. Only two of the collections that Mercedes-Benz has launched using NFTs are “Maschine” and “The NF-G Challenge.”

Maschine was a collaborative effort by art collector Fingerprints DAO and Dutch artist Harm Van den Dorpel. In June 2023, a set of 1,000 NFTs built on the Ethereum platform was released. The coins mimic the movement of a wheel and play with the concepts of speed and perception.

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