MetaMask’s latest DApp enables token transfer across several blockchains


A MetaMask official said that Bitcoin integration is not on the near agenda for blockchain bridge functionality through MetaMask Bridges.

By developing a new feature for the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, the blockchain software development company ConsenSys continues its efforts to enhance blockchain interoperability.

ConsenSys announced on November 9 that MetaMask users may now bridge across several blockchain networks via MetaMask Bridges, which combines different blockchain bridges in one location.

The new bridge functionality allows MetaMask users to transfer tokens from one blockchain network to another without having to study and choose a trustworthy bridge.

Angela Potter, product manager at MetaMask Bridges, told Cointelegraph, “There are a plenty of different bridges that support different networks and coins.” She observed that bridge prices, speed, and security characteristics change dramatically from one bridge to the next, necessitating that users manually examine a large quantity of data each time before continuing with a bridge.

Potter said, “MetaMask Bridges has vetted the bridges we believe to be the most decentralised and safe, and will propose the best one for the user’s individual path.” She noted that by default, MetaMask Bridges selects the bridge with the lowest cost, but users may see time estimates and choose the quickest bridge if they like.

The beta version of the new bridge solution is accessible to all MetaMask users through the Portfolio Dapp, a new decentralised application (DApp) that enables users to examine numerous MetaMask accounts and their assets in one location. The Portfolio Dapp, which was released in beta in September 2022, now enables users to bridge across networks in a few simple steps, as explained by MetaMask.

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