Minecraft developers have no plans to implement NFTs


The creators of Minecraft, one of the most popular video games in the world, have said that they do not intend to accept integration with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or blockchain technology because they “promote profiteering.”

Mojang Studios said in a recent blog post that the technology promotes digital scarcity and exclusion, contrary to Minecraft’s ” spirit.”

In addition, they were concerned about the veracity and viability of third-party NFT implementations, underlining the difficulties in avoiding fraud or overpriced initiatives.

“NFTs are not inclusive of our whole community and create a haves and have-nots situation,” developers said, “which is incompatible with the long-term happiness and prosperity of our players.”

Mojang refrained from stating categorically that they would never integrate with the technology by concluding that they have no current intentions to adopt blockchain technology.

With over 200 million sales worldwide and a gameplay concept built on constructing and collecting stuff, Minecraft’s attitude would be detrimental to the efforts of NFT proponents to merge with the mainstream gaming business and community.

The mainstream gaming community is generally opposed to NFTs; Discord, a central gaming-centric social media platform, was forced to reverse course late last year after receiving community outcry for proposing a connection with Ethereum.

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