Mysteries surround record-breaking $154 million Ethereum accumulation


According to on-chain statistics, Justin Sun was associated with Ethereum accumulation. The wallet’s owner is the subject of speculation due to HTX and Binance transactions.

A crypto whale has pulled off an unmatched feat in the last 32 hours, amassing 54,721 Ethereum (ETH) worth $154.4 million. Lookonchain, a blockchain tracker, was the first to notice the unexpected buildup, which has caused widespread suspicion in the cryptocurrency world. The identity of the unknown party responsible for this massive deal is a topic of much speculation.

Lookonchain, a blockchain analytics startup, highlighted the quick accumulation of Ethereum by revealing that an anonymous entity withdrew 54,721 ETH from Binance and other DEXes.

The motives and identity of the crypto whale responsible for this sudden and substantial shift have been the subject of discussion.

A prevalent notion among the swirling conjectures suggests that Justin Sun—an adviser to the cryptocurrency exchange HTX and inventor of Tron—is the culprit. Looking into the huge Ethereum withdrawal, Lookonchain noticed that the address may be related to Sun, suggesting a possible connection.

The business highlighted past deals using large amounts of USDT, which aligns with Sun’s financial patterns.

Looking into the matter, Lookonchain found a string of transactions that pointed to a financial transfer from the same wallet address to Binance and HTX. The business brought attention to a curious coincidence where hefty payments into Binance occurred at the same time as significant withdrawals from HTX, adding energy to the fire of mystery surrounding the wallet address “TWGHNc.” Lookonchain stressed that any link to Justin Sun is still conjectural, but the on-chain patterns do make one wonder what the transactions were really about.

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