New Survey Says, 61% Of Americans May Purchase Crypto in 2022


According to figures released by Voyager Digital, a crypto platform, two-thirds of Americans are bullish on crypto and believe it will be having huge gains in 2022.

Interest in crypto is growing as Americans show their enthusiasm for the future of digital assets. Voyager Digital, a publicly-traded cryptocurrency platform recently published The first annual Crypto Confidence Survey, which examines Americans’ experiences with crypto and their perspective on how crypto will work in 2022.

The report showed a lot of positive emotions. About two-thirds of respondents declared themselves crypto bulls, while 61% said they were likely to buy crypto this year. Although Voyager did not disclose the exact number of respondents, only 27% of Americans plan to invest in crypto by 2021. The results show a large percentage increase when compared to previous surveys.

Survey results show that participants are more likely to prefer crypto purchases than buying mutual funds, travelling on a plane, buying a new car, buying a new home, and even starting a relationship.

The survey also highlighted the need to educate young people about crypto. Data show that 66% of Americans believe in teaching cryptocurrency in high school or earlier and 33% believe it should happen in middle school or earlier.

The survey further revealed that many are willing to invest more in accordance with their understanding of crypto. While 50% of participants said they would invest more in cryptocurrency if they had a better understanding of it.

Previously in 2021, 63% of adults in the U.S. say they want to know more about cryptocurrency or want to buy cryptocurrency. The volunteers also stated that they were interested in crypto, that they did not have crypto, but were ready to learn and buy later.

A survey of American adults in November last year found that 16% of investors invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency. Currently, statistics show that 27 million Americans own cryptocurrency.

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