Nexo Introduces Dual Investment


Nexo, a cryptocurrency lender, released Dual Investment, a high-yield product with assured revenues using automated techniques, on November 29, 2023.

According to the most recent information supplied with Finbold, it draws inspiration from structured products in conventional banking and works in perfect harmony with Nexo’s customer-centric strategy and highly regarded Earn suite.

The company’s dedication to accommodating different risk appetites and preferences for market exposure is shown by Dual Investment. Customers are able to take action based on their asset price predictions at a future date and price of their choice by integrating Nexo’s yield-earning suite with its strong infrastructure.

Regardless of how accurate their predictions are or the direction the market takes, they may still make passive income in this way.

For cryptocurrency investors looking for better profits, Dual Investment is a great alternative to consider. They can make money and put their technique of buying cheap and selling high into action without having to commit to long-term investing plans.

Dual Investment offers an opportunity to reinforce portfolios in uncertain market situations, which is great news for astute investors. By providing a reliable source of income, this solution helps investors weather the stormy seas of the market and maybe even get some sweet deals on their transactions.

Plus, when you subscribe to a strategy, Dual Investment locks in a set interest rate. The program is meant to meet users’ different market viewpoints and individual ambitions with two well-defined investing approaches: Buy Low and Sell High.

The Buy Low approach is designed for those who think the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum will be lower than where it is now. Users may buy Tether (USDT) to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum at a certain date and target price.

In contrast, users who believe the goal price will rise above the current market value might use the Sell High method, which entails selling Bitcoin or Ethereum for Tether at the target price and date.

As a platform for forecasting asset price changes and ensuring large rewards, Dual Investment is revolutionizing how users connect with BTC and ETH. It offers a flexible, intuitive, and intelligent experience. Along with the launch, Nexo hopes to provide the same exceptional user experience that has grown to be our trademark. Our dedication to innovation and design with the consumer in mind is on full display in this product. Nexo Chief Product Officer Elitsa Taskova said that the yield-earning component only adds to the users’ entire arsenal.

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