NFTs Sold by a 19-Year-Old Artist Earned Nearly $50 Million


Non-fungible tokens sold by transgender youngster Victor Langlois are said to have earned him approximately $50 million in less than a year (NFTs).

According to NBC News, the 19-year-old initially became famous when Christie’s auction house in New York sold his physical artworks and NFTs for $2.16 million. “Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This is My Life” was the title of the collection, which chronicled Victor’s youth and gender transition.

The digital painting Langlois sold in April was worth roughly $20 million when he sold it in 24 hours for the same price. For NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, this was the third-largest sale ever, according to the article.

To be honest, it’s been difficult for me to comprehend. Drawing is the goal, not relaxing and doing nothing.

A report by NBC said that Langlois’ first NFT collection centred on his life between the ages of 14 and 18, including his time living with his grandparents in Las Vegas after being pulled from an abusive home. Langlois said that he was hesitant to tell his religious family members that he was transsexual at the time.

In June 2021, he told Christie’s that his grandma couldn’t comprehend why he was pursuing a career in the arts instead of a more stable one:

After seeing me express an interest in painting, she said, “What?” Take up law as a profession. That’s what I get. Her comments such as, “Your work is awful and that’s why you can’t do it,” stung the most. It’s not “to rest and do nothing,” as he told Fortune, that’s his dream: “to sketch.”

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