Nigeria’s 4.33 million registrants rank second in Africa


In the year under evaluation, Google indexed a total of 44.3 million web pages under the.NG domain name, a substantial increase from the 16 million pages indexed in the previous year.

Nigeria currently occupies the second position in the most recent African domain name ranking. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) commissioned a study in collaboration with PowerSoft Africa that disclosed this information.

In the same vein, the African country-code Top-level Domains report indicates that African entities have registered an additional 1.4 million generic top-level domains, totaling 4.33 million registrations on the continent as of November 2023.

At ICANN80 in Kigali, Rwanda, the Coalition for Digital Africa released a report that covers 54 countries in Africa. The report reveals that high Internet access costs continue to restrict widespread usage, with the average African spending approximately 4% of their monthly income on 1GB of data, which is twice the global affordability target.

In addition, the projected average annual aggregate growth in the number of domain names across the continent is 12.4%, which indicates that there are substantial opportunities for local providers in individual countries.

Nigeria’s Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD), domain name, has exceeded 215,000 registrations, according to a recent report by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA). The Association’s decision to reduce the registration fee by an enormous 40% is likely the cause of the increasing number.

According to the report, Google indexes a total of 44.3 million web pages under the.NG domain in the year under review, a substantial increase from the 16 million pages indexed in the previous year.

In response to the report, Mr. Adesola Akinsanya, the President of NiRA, expressed his satisfaction with the trajectory of Nigeria’s domain name growth. He believes that the report is a testament to the efforts of NiRA and other stakeholders, particularly the registrars, to establish a more robust DNS industry in the country.

“The initial edition of the study on the DNS industry in Africa, which I am aware of, did not include Nigeria among the top three countries. We currently hold the second position in Africa. He stated that the impact of NiRA’s efforts, including the registrars, past and present EBoD, and secretariat staff, is evident.

He also noted that the study demonstrates the registry’s dedication to ensuring that the finest practices in the DNS industry are adhering to.

“Secondly, it is important to note that this is a continental rating; we are not the ones who are applauding ourselves.” NiRA’s message to the Nigerian DNS community is that there is no other country. Therefore,.NG serves as our collective digital passport. We commend the efforts of businesses, web developer communities, registrars, businesses, and individuals who have adopted.NG. As we have not yet been the first, we have the potential to accomplish more. There are numerous topics that require attention. Akinsanya suggested, “Let us increase the adoption of the.NG while we address all the necessary obstacles along the road.”

Murtala Abdullahi, CEO of Smartweb Nigeria Limited, one of the NiRA registrars, stated that the report indicates that the.NG brand has gained more acceptance.

He further stated that the nation is fortunate to have a sizable population, with numerous enterprises and individuals expressing interest in the.NG domain name.

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