Now 20% of Solana Nodes are gone, 16.9% of Ethereum is in danger


Hetzner, one of the largest hosts on the Solana network has recently restricted access to their servers for thousands of network validators, sending a message to the same set of Ethereum operators.

A few hours ago, validators on the Solana network began getting emails from Hetzner warning its customers to remove any Solana-related activities in order to gain server access. Prior to this, Hetzner made it plain that it would not let any cryptocurrency-related activity on its servers.

With over 20 percent of the network’s validators down, Solana may see yet another set of familiar technical challenges. However, this example demonstrates that the conduct of Hetzner against Solana should serve as a cautionary tale for Ethereum node operators.

According to Hetzner’s own statistics, operators of Ethereum nodes are in violation of the company’s system rules and will likely suffer the same fate as Solana. After Amazon, Hetzner is the second-largest hosting provider on the whole network.

Users operating Solana nodes on the aforementioned provider should immediately move to an alternative server; otherwise, they will be unable to participate in the network’s validation procedure.

If you are operating a Solana node, you should immediately move to a new provider. Additionally, Ethereum validators should consider switching to a different provider, especially one with comparatively low network influence.

Fortunately, no serious faults have been identified on Solana, and the network is operating as anticipated, with 100% uptime. The underlying coin has not responded to market performance in any manner.

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