Oklahoma Legislation Expands Protections for Bitcoin Owners and Managers


Oklahoma has joined the ranks of states that have passed legislation to protect the ownership, management, mining, and self-custody of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In spite of increasing government regulation, this law permits people to self-custody cryptocurrency, mine Bitcoin, run full nodes, and exchange digital assets.

Representative Brian Hill and Senator Coleman have introduced a measure that might have a major positive impact on the local economy, according to Satoshi Action Fund spokesperson Dennis Porter.

In addition to attracting investments and creating job possibilities, enabling Bitcoin mining to utilise extra energy enhances environmental sustainability.

Financial independence is fundamental to personal agency and economic advancement, which is why Porter stressed the importance of this law.

Highlighting the larger consequences, he emphasised the need for the community’s support for this law to guarantee its effective implementation.

The Samourai Wallet was recently hit for illicit financial activities connected to its coin-mixing capabilities, which are typically tied to money laundering.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has called for more oversight of cryptocurrency after tying it to illicit trades, such as those involving the exploitation of children.

She has emphasised the importance of strict supervision of digital assets and urged for comprehensive instruments to identify and punish such abuses.

In conclusion, in contrast to the increased regulatory scrutiny on a national scale, Oklahoma’s proposal is a proactive step towards legitimising and protecting Bitcoin activity.

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