OKX Ventures puts funds into Blade of God X game


Void Labs’ action role-playing game “Blade of God X” is an early access title featuring a ‘play… to train’ feature that lets players guide an AI model’s training via gameplay. OKX Ventures, an investment fund for crypto and web3, recently invested in the game.

The play-to-train approach “not only blends powerful AI agents with blockchain technology but also enables gamers to teach their AI agents via games,” according to a news statement from OKX Ventures.

Exactly which models are being trained and how gaming is included into this training is currently not apparent. As of this article’s publishing, Cointelegraph has not gotten a comment from OKX Ventures or Void Labs on their request for more details.

The action role-playing game Blade of God X looks a lot like the “Souls-like” games, which are famous for their intricate action scenes.

The Epic Game Store presently lists it as an early access game with blockchain capabilities. Cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and other Web3 features are explicitly optional, according to the game’s description. Although Blade of God X is free to download and play, certain of its blockchain-based features may need money or wallet access in order to engage with them.

According to the Epic Games Store’s Frequently Asked Questions documentation, the game is compatible with EVM (Polygon) and Immutable X chains.

Forge your own gaming experiences and trade using MetaMask, GameStop, Venly, Coinbase Wallet, Magic Link, or Immutable passport if you choose to connect to the game’s Web3 capabilities.

The press announcement states that the series’ games have accumulated over six million downloads and that Blades of X has raised six million dollars.

Following OKX Venture’s pledge to invest, Void Labs founder Tnise expressed gratitude for the “invaluable assistance” the firm has received:

“Thanks to this relationship, we’ll have access to the tools and support we need to keep pushing the boundaries of game innovation, explore new territories, and bring players all around the globe breathtaking experiences.”

Delphi Ventures, breederDAO, Eden Holdings, and a number of others are among the game’s other investors.

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