Opera Crypto Browser now on iOS for 9 Blockchain Ecosystems Previously, it worked on Mac, Windows, and Android


According to StatCounter, Opera has a 2.81 percent share of the worldwide browser market, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Celo, StarkEx, IXO, Ronin, and Nervous are all supported via the integrated noncustodial cryptocurrency wallet.

As demand for DeFi exposure continues to grow, Opera, a supplier of native Web3 web browsers and wallets, has announced support for Apple’s iOS. As a result, the browser wallet is now available on all major desktop and mobile operating systems. Along with earlier this month’s integration of blockchain ecosystems such as Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon, and StarkEx, the company is making a strong push for wallet software general acceptance.

According to a press statement, the Norway-based company has “tens of millions of users” who can now access decentralised applications and other services across nine blockchain ecosystems on Mac, Windows, Android, and, starting today, iOS.

“The Opera Crypto Browser Project was created to normalize the Web3 user experience for ordinary consumers,” stated Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s executive vice president of mobile.

“Opera thinks that Web3 must be user-friendly in order to achieve its full potential and widespread adoption.”

The integration announcement coincides with the launch of a flurry of DeFi (decentralised finance) wallets in recent months. Cryptocurrency investors and users interested in engaging with DeFi will need to keep their assets in a noncustodial wallet, such as Opera’s product.

Other browser-based noncustodial wallets have emerged in the last year, such as Phantom, which debuted in April 2021 and raised $102 million in a Series B round earlier this year.

In October 2021, XDEFI wallet released after a $6 million Series A financing round headed by Mechanism Capital. It’s a multichain wallet with a web browser extension, identical to Metamask, the largest cryptocurrency wallet extension that recently touted over 30 million active users.

According to StatCounter, Opera had 2.81 percent of the worldwide browser market, and the company said in March that it has 380 million monthly active users.

According to the company’s fourth quarter 2021 financial report, the company has been making a “directional shift” toward areas with greater average revenue per user, but has maintained a concentration on developing economies, where its market share has historically been stronger. For example, according to StatCounter, Opera narrowly defeated Apple’s Safari browser on mobile devices in Africa last month, capturing almost 13% of the market, placing it second only to Google’s Chrome browser. Opera Mobile is even the market leader in Nigeria — Africa’s biggest economy — with a 47 percent market share.

The browser wallet’s objective is to maintain chain independence while expanding support for other networks and layer-2 scaling alternatives.

“Ultimately, Web3 will become a widespread web technology, and consumers will be won’t need to know they are engaging with it,” Arnesen said of the company’s multichain plan. “They have to get an enhanced user experience and a genuine benefit.”

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