Optimism removes 17,000 addresses from airdrop farming


A solution for Ethereum’s growth The amount of wallets eligible for Optimism’s next airdrop has been lowered.

Optimism, according to a tweet from the company yesterday, has deleted 17,000 addresses it suspects of being used by traders to manipulate the system.

Airdrop farming, often known as a sybil attack, is a common practice. Those who believe a project will conduct an airdrop do this action. As a result, they create many wallet addresses and utilise the programme in question across all of those addresses in hopes that each one would get the airdrop and earn them a large sum.

A company called Optimism has promised to divide the tokens that would have been transferred to these accounts among the remaining wallets. Optimism tweeted, “Optimism is for the people, not the sybils.”

There has been a lot of airdrop farming in the past with other crypto initiatives. When Divergence Ventures attempted to game the Ribbon Finance airdrop, a startup it had previously invested in, it garnered the most attention. After being exposed on Twitter and facing anger, it refunded the $3.2 million it had made through this approach.

An airdrop was announced by Optimism on April 26, claiming that 250,000 addresses were eligible. Only 5% of the entire supply of tokens has been distributed, with another 14% set aside for future airdrops. In the end, the tokens will be distributed among the ecosystem fund, the public goods financing, the fund’s key contributors, and private investors.

There is speculation that the token distribution will occur at the end of May or the beginning of June at Optimism’s Discord community.

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