Playnance launches Arbitrum Orbit Gaming Layer-3 PlayBlock


Using the Arbitrum Orbit as its foundation, Playnance is preparing to release PlayBlock, a Layer-3 gaming environment.

According to a press release that was shared with, PlayBlock aims to provide more diversity in games in the web3 gaming market, which will help Playnance attract more than 10,000 daily active players.

By working with Gelato’s Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) Platform, PlayBlock hopes to improve web3 gaming by doing away with gas prices and overcoming conventional blockchain obstacles. In order to address typical user experience issues, this project may provide game creators with extensive white-labeling options and seamless platform connections.

Roman Levi, Playnance’s chief technology officer, highlighted the design aims of the platform. In his statement, he said that their objective was to merge the advantages of Web3 on-chain gaming with the accessibility and enjoyment of conventional games, while avoiding the complexities of Web3.

The chain is designed to accommodate a wide variety of activities, including sports, arcades, and decentralized trade, which are sure to attract a large user base.

To run its business, PlayBlock also makes use of Arbitrum Nitro’s rollup technology. The goal of combining these two technologies is to make blockchain gaming easier to use by improving things like ownership of in-game assets, transparency, and fairness.

The network can execute thousands of transactions per second thanks to its integration with Arbitrum Anytrust technology, which further allows it to advertise a 250-ms block time and near-instant transaction finality.

Additionally, PlayBlock will introduce the PBG token, which will create a zero-gas charge environment for players by leveraging Orbit’s native gas token functionality. A further measure to reduce market volatility is the launch of USDP, PlayBlock Layer 3’s stablecoin tied to the dollar.

“Playnance contacted us with a request to develop an end-to-end gaming platform supporting thousands of games and millions of players,” said Hilmar Orth, founder of Gelato.

According to Orth, Playnance was able to maintain their focus on their core company while seeing rapid growth because of its gaming-first, fully-serviced, auto-scalable rollup infrastructure.

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