POKÉMON Announces the Exclusive FUNKO POP COLLECTION for 2024


Lucario, the first of several 2024 Funko Pop figures from Pokemon, will be shown during this month’s Pokemon Center event.

In 2024, Funko will release a new line of Pokémon Pops, much to the delight of Pokémon enthusiasts everywhere. It is time to reel in all six of these thrilling figures! In 2024, Funko’s partnership with Pokémon will continue unabated, thanks to its popular collectible figurines. The Pokémon-themed Funko Pop figurines released in 2023 were a huge hit, so the firm is planning to sell even more models this year.

The first of these six Funko Pop figurines is set to be released exclusively at the Pokémon Center later this month, so excitement is already growing. A “Who’s That Pokémon?” challenge might be in store for those who are anxious to solve the mystery of this unknown Pokémon.

Little is left to the imagination in the silhouette of the first figure revealed—it is none other than the beloved Pokémon, Lucario. Fans are wondering whether this Lucario isn’t different from the one that’s currently out there. Shimmering sparkles around the outline suggest a unique quality.

As far as anybody can tell, the new Lucario Funko Pop could be a pearlescent variant. Pop! Vinyl from Funko has been pearlized before; Eevee and Mewtwo are only two of the most recent contributions to this trend. In addition, you may find this pearlescent quality on all six Pops that are presently available only in the Pokémon Center.

Pokémon fans are already guessing who else may be part of this intriguing Funko Pop roster, with five more figurines yet to be revealed. Lucario, of course, is a popular candidate. In 2023, Umbreon released its first Pokémon Pop, and it was so popular that they immediately made a flocked version.

Another beginning Pokémon or two will most likely end up in this set as well. Fans are keeping a lookout for Oshawott and the sparkling Scorbunny as possible contenders.

Despite the silence over the upcoming Pokémon game, 2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for enthusiasts. Nintendo may be keeping quiet about upcoming game announcements because it is looking forward to the next phase of the Switch. Until then, fans may save money on Scarlet & Violet packages that include all downloadable content.

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