R. Kiyosaki explains the implosion of “Boomer retirements”


A famous investor and author of the best-selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” shed light on why the retirement funds of the Baby Boomer generation were collapsing shortly after predicting that his generation would be more hard hit by the impending stock market crisis.

The same thing happened in the US “when commercial real estate, particularly office buildings, go down,” as Robert Kiyosaki noted in his March 29 X article, and “another large bank in China went insolvent” in China, too.

In addition, he brought attention to the fact that the Baby Boomer generation was particularly vulnerable because of the “false assets” represented by real estate investment trusts (REITs), which he described as “a.k.a. Mutual Fund ETFs for real estate.” He went on to say, “Boomer retirements are going bankrupt as paper assets fall.”

“Regardless of your age, get out of false assets, including fiat and dollars, and acquire genuine gold, silver, and real Bitcoins,” Robert Kiyosaki has admonished his followers to do in order to avoid the impending crisis.

Printing anything out makes me suspicious. Let loose… Stop being a fake. Remember that the famous entrepreneur with the huge social media following had previously warned that his generation was in for the “biggest stock market crash in history” due to the Federal Reserve’s (the country’s central bank’s) excessive printing of paper money.

Keep in mind that Robert Kiyosaki has long maintained that, in 2024, commodities and resources, such as gold and silver, Wagyu cattle, and the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), would be the greatest investments to shield oneself from the consequences of this enormous crash.

Still, according to Finbold’s March 28 report, Bloomberg’s senior expert Mike McGlone recently cautioned that commodities could be in trouble, predicting a 30% crash due to falling government bond yields and underperforming equities in China, the largest consumer of commodities globally.

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