Raoul Pal predicts a 300-fold increase in the value of crypto and the Web3 in the near future


Raoul Pal, a macro specialist and former Goldman Sachs executive, forecasts an extraordinary growth rate for the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and Web3 initiatives.

In a recent Google Tech Talks interview, Pal asserts that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies might reach $300 trillion within a decade.

Pal based his prediction on the current level of activity he observes around crypto and Web3, as well as its development potential. According to him, venture capital (VC) investments are saturating crypto and Web3 as it draws the largest companies in technology and finance. When the macroeconomic upheaval settles, he argues, the market capitalization will surge.

“Every major Web2 player is engaged. Everyone inside the financial system is implicated. As a result of regulatory concerns, they are going ahead slowly and you cannot really see it. But everyone is aware that this is where everything is headed. Personally, I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s somewhat similar to the Internet, but it’s more dynamic and expansive, which seems absurd, but it’s true because it accrues value to these protocol layers.

Consequently, there is this enormous value accretion that occurs. In comparison to where we are today, digital assets are valued at one trillion dollars. Well, the vast majority of conventional asset markets are valued between $200 trillion and $300 trillion. We’ll get there in around 10 to 15 years.”

The buildup of wealth on the cryptocurrency exchanges, according to Pal, will be “the quickest and greatest the world has ever seen.”

“Bigger than oil. More expensive than the internet. It is really, extremely different. It is a remarkable phenomenon. In essence, as soon as the macro situation stabilises, everyone will launch. And don’t forget that everyone has already invested VC in this field… Due to the rapidity of the cycle in crypto and the $60 billion that has been invested in venture capital over the last 18 months, the next six to twelve months will witness an influx of new products, innovations, and improvements that will propel the narrative ahead rapidly.

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