RFK Jr. Claims that corruption has become the norm as Sam Bankman-Fried evades further charges


Sam Bankman-Fried’s prior trial dealt with all of the federal allegations against him, and the prosecutors have chosen not to pursue any further.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, federal prosecutors argued that the public interest is better served by resolving the case quickly rather than conducting a separate trial. They stated this in a letter to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan on Friday.

On March 28, Bankman-Fried will be sentenced. The creator of FTX faces seven criminal charges connected to the theft of billions of dollars from FTX clients and a possible sentence that may last decades. Wire fraud, securities fraud, commodities fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy to conduct wire fraud were among the offenses for which he was found guilty.

“Sam Bankman-Fried donated $100 million in stolen customer funds to US politicians,” read an X post by @Watcher.Guru, prompting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to address the rejection of such allegations. The United States government has decided not to pursue SBF for a breach of political campaign funding, and they have dropped six accusations against him as a result.

“Not a single soul is surprised,” RFK Jr. said in response. “The deception itself isn’t the biggest issue; that is. Corruption has grown so commonplace that it seems shocking.”

Federal authorities indicted Bankman-Fried after the 2022 midterm elections for using client funds worth more than $100 million to finance his campaign.

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