Ripple’s former Developer Advocate XRP Ledger


Matt Hamilton, a former Principal Developer Advocate at the prominent fintech company Ripple, said that the XRP Ledger, whose native cryptocurrency is $XRP, has been operational for over a decade and “simply works.”

Hamilton’s comments occurred after a Twitter argument with another user who advocated Bitcoin and its layer-2 scaling solution, the Lightning Network, over the XRP Ledger. The user said that Bitcoin adoption renders “useless” the payments network built on the XRP Ledger and questioned the cryptocurrency’s use case. Hamilton stated that XRP’s use cases include peer-to-peer payments since it was designed to be a “better Bitcoin.”

In response, the user said that with Bitcoin, “money is solved” and that “Lightning offers immediate, decentralised, and free bitcoin payments; it’s difficult to improve upon that.” Whatever XRP eventually decides to do, it must act swiftly.” In response, Hamilton cited a failed Lightning Network transaction that he attributed to a “lack of incoming liquidity.”

In his view, the Lightning Network has a “basic architectural fault” since users must “hope there is enough liquidity” to route their payments. Another user informed Hamilton that the payment had failed since the transaction had already been paid.

While the Lightning Network “only works 95% of the time,” the XRP Ledger “simply works,” according to Hamilton.

The former Principal Developer Advocate of Ripple advised the user to “simply transact your BTC on the XRP Ledger” since it had worked “100% of the time” for the last decade.

Hamilton is a famous XRP bull who said that the XRP Ledger was the “first DEX” and the “first blockchain to enable the tokenization of assets.”

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